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A Discussion on Life Insurance (2021) 6000103186 $17.50
Life insurance has been sold in the United States since the mid-1700s, but it wasn't until the 1840s that the industry made a significant impact on the American business scene. Since that time, individual life insurance has grown steadily, due primarily to the agency distribution system.

Ten (10) credit hours.

Applies to: Life, Accident and Health - 10 credits

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Annuity Best Interest 4 6000103184 $17.50
Annuity Best Interest - Suitability in Annuity Training-
Producers who hold a life license and desire to sell annuities are required to complete the one-time 4 credit training program.

This course satisfies this one time requirement. 4 C.E. Credits

Applies to: Life, Accident and Health - 4 credits, Annuity Best Interest - 4 credits

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Ethics for the Professional (2021) 6000103185 $17.50
This course provides 10 hours of C.E. requirements in Ethics. It explores the Financial Professional's role and responsibilities in an ever changing and even more complex arena. Topics include rebating and replacement as well as a host of ideas and thoughts that have led the state to mandate these course offerings for continuing education.

Goals: With the knowledge from this course, the professional becomes aware of when replacement is replacement and not churning or twisting. The rules for replacement are discussed as well as the fiduciary responsibilities of the financial professional.

Ten (10) credit hours.

3 Hours Ethics, 7 Hours General Credit C.E.

Applies to: Life, Accident and Health - 10 credits, Property & Casualty - 10 credits, Ethics - 10 credits

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Insuring Your Income 6000103187 $17.50
The concept of disability insurance got its start centuries ago in ancient China. Chinese laborers paid their doctors as long as they remained well and were able to work. They stopped paying the doctors whenever they became ill.
By most historical accounts, it was an effective way to address the financial hardships incurred when a person became disabled and was unable to work. Unfortunately, this concept doesn't appear to be workable in today's society.

Goals:This course is designed to give Insurance Agents and Financial Planners an in-depth knowledge of disability insurance, it's forms and terms.

12 Credit Hours

Applies to: Life, Accident and Health - 12 credits

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